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"Building the Future, Together"

Our mission is to create economic value to make Positive Impact through the power of people and innovation.

The more people in OASIX, the bigger the community, the bigger the Impact.


1. People Join


You and millions of people around the world join. Every follow, like, share, comment, signup, and every contribution adds value to OASIX. You then put that value into positive impact innovation.

2. Companies Join


Because companies see value in you, they want to be part of the community. Every Ad, contribution, partnership, every sustainable product, and innovation adds value to OASIX through YOU.

3. Crowdfunding


The global OASIX community contributes economic value to positive impact projects through innovation. From solving climate change to eliminating poverty and educating the World.

4. Positive Impact Creation

Through innovation, all the projects in the OASIX ecosystem have the main purpose to create a positive impact in the World. This impact is recorded and shared for people to enjoy and use.

OASIX positive impact
Impact Values OASIX

5. Impact values



With every contribution made, an impact value is going to be generated. You and the companies contributing get to keep the positive impact values throughout time. A forever growing value that you will own.