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"Building the Future, Together"

The global platform
for the society of

the future

Contribute money to innovative projects around the World.

Make positive impact with the power of people and innovation.

Crowdfunding for

Innovation that builds the future of humanity

Contribute to specific projects, follow their development and receive positive impact values.

Transform water from the ocean into potable water for people, help build the future of energy and much more... You will have a chance to build the future.

A new society

For everyone

Change the World with millions across the globe.

A shared transparent economy

Trust where your money is going...

When you contribute money, you will see where it is spent and receive updates.


Participate in a global economy that does good by existing. Companies & people, together.

We think PEOPLE are the most valuable thing in society, that is why we want to distribute more value back.

In OASIX, we are all humans, we focus on our similarities and embrace our differences. We are the society of the future.

People, above all

People above all, OASIX
People above all, OASIX

The main purpose of OASIX is to create POSITIVE IMPACT. When you contribute to projects and help grow the community,

you create value to change the world!

The bigger OASIX, the bigger the Impact.

Positive Impact

Positive Impact OASIX
Positive Impact

TRANSPARENCY, one of OASIX's core values. You don't trust most organizations and we don't either; that is why we are doing things differently. Know what you own, the value you create and the real cost of creating a better world.



Impact = Value

For so long, creating impact has been seen as a loss. Either you 'donate' and lose all the value you provided, or you 'invest' and expect fewer returns. In OASIX, we create VALUE from IMPACT; here, you 'contribute'.


Respect to all

In OASIX, respect is at the foundation.

We RESPECT all cultures, traditions, and above all, people's freedom.


Knowledge is growth

In order to progress as a civilization, to grow as individuals, to discover the nature of our surroundings, and to develop our future, we must educate ourselves and others. We never forget KNOWLEDGE has made us who we are.



ADAPTABILITY lies at the core of OASIX. We always admire and support change for the better. There is never one answer for all, efficiency in operations and education comes from personalization and technology.


We are the 99%

THE 99% of the World is more powerful than THE 1%.

Together we can truly change the World. The vast majority of people in every place of the world have a good heart. This society is for them.


It doesn't matter if you are from Tanzania, Spain, USA, Tibet, or Kenya, we all belong to the same place. We all share the same PURPOSE, to change the world through innovation, education, and creative thinking.

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