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"Building the Future, Together"

Where is OASIX now?


Where do we go next?

Phase 1


What can you do?

- Join the community.

- Follow OASIX on social media.

- Like, comment, answer questions...


**Every small detail adds value to unlock the next stage. The goal is to increase exposure to attract capital and knowledge**

Phase 2


Phase 3


Community Growth

Goals to achieve Stage 1:

+ 5,000 OASIX Members

+ 25,000 Social Media Followers

+ 50,000 Answered Questions

The "Birth"

What to expect:

  • 1st Impact Project


 - Be part of the project.

 - Measure and track the Impact.

 - Enjoy the Change forever.


  • Receive capital for change

 - Companies will give you capital.

 - You will use it to change the World.


What to expect:

Purchase products.

Create social groups.

Own a financial wallet and earn money.

Watch ads and receive oaseeds.

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